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Mad School

“I’m here to see snarling faced,
angry brained, red mist, unlikable Carl,
who after throwing sharpened pencils  
at staff with intent to harm,
particularly her he called “Dyke”,
honed his razor edged knife,
and sliced off the testicles of  Mr. Bright,
the head teacher, despite desperate interventions
by Miss Buckle, his secretarial  assistant
and part time love interest- Monday- Thursday,
9.00- 12.30. Loss of three fingers,
currently pressing for compensation.”
“Please remain seated while  I summons
Mr. Mason, the caretaker, who will escort you
to the toilet area where said child  is being put upon
by Mr. Worthington Smythe,
Physical Education Instructor, who recently
denied all accusation of of sexual impropriety
with Jennifer  Goodpant,
captain of the school shot putt team,
assisted by Dr. Bomhampshire,
(B. Sc.Chemistry with Hons),
while the governors have gone
like lemmings into the broom cupboard
(third left after the Holistic breast stroking
and tantric sex demonstration room)
to decide whether he should
be permanently excluded,
causing much diminutionof his life chances-
currently virtually non- existent,
or be sent to Miss Snow’s
(ex Hairdresser and body oil expert)
therapy enhancement class
for naughty boys and girls,
after the hostage situation in there,
now in its third day, eases.”

15 Jul 07

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interesting format of a poem...
 — greenmantle

Oh, wow! I truly enjoy reading this masterpiece. Truly wonderful work.
 — hairlessclam

you seem to overreact : i sometimes write something so that some poems don't fall to soon into the limbos. now, i personally sometimes need rereading...
 — greenmantle

this is too good
 — aislyne

Dear Greenmantle

Interesting format for a crit.

Larry Interesting Lark
 — larrylark

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