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to the no one in my desperate staccato thoughts

all, all I want to do
is sway
left, right with you
a lovelorn, terrified pendulum
eyes creating tangible lines tying us at the soul
desperately, I’ll burn every red flag around you,
and strip your soul, and piecemeal its bricks,
and let myself in with all the pomp and noise of a butterfly's wings,
the quiet whooshing of a hurricane.
and altogether shed every cyniscm about you
and forget every unbreakable rule,
and shatter them invisible against walls built by a jaded culture of oblivious hearts.
and I'll know you, know you, know you
play your soul across my fingertips,
hear your dreams dancing to the cadence of twin heartbeats.
I'm a fool, it's possible  
but I just decided I'll do anything to make you fall for me.

15 Jul 07

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comments, anyone?

 — misspanda

Suck locks of pickles to get comments. Otherwise, this doo doo does not denote commenting on.
 — hairlessclam

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