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Pete best a baker became

Best became a baker earning
£8 a week and marrying
a girl named Kathy who worked
at the biscuit counter
at a Woolworth's store.
He later became
a civil servant. Whatever
his musical talent, personal
choices or notoriety, the fate of
his musical career was little
different from that of many
Liverpudlian musicians
whose stars faded
as musical trends changed.

found poem on the pete best wikipedia page.

14 Jul 07

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Really well done, clean.   I don't even feel need to consult the Wiki page, which, btw, will likely alter beyond present recognition ere long.  So, if the present page is of value as source-documentation for your poem, it might be good to save a copy of the page.
Alternately, Wikipedia does archive page versions at intervals--so you can then go back "history" and find nearly the page you worked from.   The breaks are very well done, yes!  The ironies come through nicely.
 — reidORnetsky

 — pelican

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