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The Trick Of Love Is To Never Let It Find You

sleep is a forbidden fruit,
so I stay away
because I always seem to find her
every time I close my eyes,
she's subtle
not sincere...
but she wants to.
her eyes look through me,
maybe past me,
and when I lay next to her
I don't smell her strawberry shampoo,
but the fear that this won't be here tomorrow,
she doesn't cry...
but she wants to.
she holds my hand tightly,
but walks at arms length
with her shoulders square
and her head on a swivel,
she thinks I don't notice,
she isn't looking...
but she wants to.
her voice cracks when she gets scared,
and she runs up the stairs
when she knows that its safer outside,
she can keep running if she wants.
she clears her throat to speak
yet never starts to talk...
but she wants to.
she lays on my chest
and keeps her eyes open,
my heart beats in her ear, faster,
but she's really hearing her own.
I love her and she says the same,
though we both know she doesn't really...
but she wants to.

14 Jul 07

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the title was promising but the content doesn't seem to keep to it : you seem to have drifted away from your initial purpose or did you decide on the title after writing your poem ?
 — greenmantle

Sucks pickles. Locks of pickles.
 — hairlessclam

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