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Starting Over at Forever

Never going to wake,
I know it.
A heavy weight thrown clear,
I don’t show it, but
no regrets, not one damn thing.
I’d like to stick around,
but I’ve done this thing.
Got to journey now, starting over.
I’ll be happy there, never going to end.
I feel elated,
I feel excited,
going to catch the midnight train
to wonder land.
There’ll lay me down, and be sad,
but I’ll be whistling a tune,
skipping, dancing, loving it,
waking in paradise.
Free from all,
I’ll be singing in
the land that never ends,
I’ll be planning on making plans
I’ll take a nap for a hundred years.
Wake up refreshed,
feeling like before.
I’ll be smiling all the time,
meet some people,
I’ve missed awhile.
Will be expecting more,
so I’ll be waiting for you,
see you then, in
starting over at forever

13 Jul 07

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