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Welcome To My Life....

Have you ever hated the world you were in?
Have you seem what I have seen?
Have you ever been stabbed in the Back?
Have you ever Been Called Witch?
Welcome to My Life....
Have You ever seen your friends walk away from you?
Have you ever had your enemies become your 'Friends'?
When they put on fake smiles so you don't notice anything?
Have you ever worn a mask of smiles, but underneath you were hiding your true face?
Welcome To My Life....
Have you ever been called Witch?
Have you ever felt that you just wanted to die?
Have you felt like you wanted to kill everything in life?
Have you ever been bleeding inside, but acting normal on the outside?
Have you ever wished that someone would come up and ask you if you were ok?
Have you ever wished that when you said that you were fine, that they would look you in the eye and say "Tell the Truth"?
Darkness always sorrounding your heart and soul?
Welcome To My Life...
Have You Ever seen the Hate, Malice and Anger as I Have?
You know nothing about me when you say you understand.
Have You ever been to a world where no one ever understands what your saying?
Welcome To My Life...

I Was Thinking About What Was Happening In This World. In My Life...And This Came Up....Hope You Like....It Came From The Heart...

13 Jul 07

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the thing is : do words come like this in your mind or do all your ideas come up  in a different way...

you sure have ideas but it's repetitive. interesting but repetitive...

But i'm no specialist....
 — greenmantle

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