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Gacela of Infidelity

A name and body have been conceived. The name lives longer
than the body, and then this is not a quiet house.
The name lives longer, his shadow unsewn and set sail;
he can hear the rolling gravel of his heart's corrosion.
His shadow unsewn and set sail - timbered, rotting,
a thousand miles from shore and beneath shipyard boards.
Timbered, rotting: this is a dream house, mine
which is not a quiet house. Its windows will open into bright day.
This is a dream house - mine. But will there be vineyards clinging
to the living, and floating horizon to drift alone like a dead man?
But will there be vineyards clinging, where the ocean lays
blue placecards to her table, her trays of knife-edged shells?
Where the ocean lays, a coffer awash with grey and fluted bones
which man - same as cliffs - sings and waits for, keening.
A coffer awash with grey and fluted bones, she is thief
of all my veins' blues, who took you away.
She is thief and bright as the white around wedding blood.
The sea is thief, a girl who sings at the edges of your eyelids.
Bright as the white around wedding blood, I saw you
sitting among the Beslan children, touching the dark lashes of sleep.
I saw you, waiting underneath the freckled arms of Galaxy: lying
in a glacial house with open eyes, believing you glimpsed stars below the water.
I have desired to cross the blade of the sea,
I have desired our skeletons be found together.
Once, I did desire, quiet like an apple I regret.

12 Jul 07

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This is beautiful. I'd like to know what form you've used. I'm not certain about your apple of regret, but all the other images are quite haunting. I would also change 'lays" (L 13) to a more active verb. And remove "then" from L 2.

This unfolds like a dream in a cradle on water.
 — banditfemme

quite the litany. i enjoyed, thanks.
 — unknown

This is superb, stirs the mind of great heartache...
 — Highwayman

"quiet like an apple" ---> think about snow white for a second.
 — unknown

"quiet like an apple I regret."

- adam and eve
 — trochee

yes, but nevertheless, apples are crunchy creatures.
 — banditfemme

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