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Desert rain fell – thunder cracked,
lightning cracked the sky.  Shattered
pieces tumbled down as rain.  Shattered
peace will be restored again.
I forgot – that movement is forbidden.
Some Dive Mechanick told me time
and substance would never be
the same. Restoration – the second thing –
the cliché: “everything falls apart”
to a humming mass spread like autumn
leaves last fluttered in sunlight
and an apple-cider breeze.
Something He said reminds me
of you when He was forming locusts
or when we say on a hill, enjoying
bread and wine, watching the wheat sway
somber and gay in the fading sunlight.
You wondered if gods too danced.
“Shiva.  Nataraja.”  You said
I knew too much
then dissolved into the soil,
water, flesh; joined the grain
that swayed before me
growing and dying.
You cried over the bloodstained cloak,
rust among vermilion poppies.
Rolling hills crashed against your spirit;
you saw men fall – falling.  Chatter
laughter gas panic gutter choke –
lime light like a dream.
You would not let me burn it
in the fire.  Some things take
time.  The Earth must first heal.
We fell from the mountain tower –
babbling, gasping, accelerating,
tears from wind and smoke,
we fell
we fell
we fell
air screaming, stop stop stop
it is not too late.  But I had dashed
my foot against a stone, and
your waxen wings had long ago melted.
You emerged from the river
draped in light – I could not
separate time and substance.
It was not baptism, but your dress
fell away with falling sand
and returned when I could
no longer count the grains.  
Fingertips dripping, you held
my hand.  I felt myself
fall into light – spin shake fly –
focused without comprehension,
absorbed, reflected,
spreading everywhere at once,
shattered to be collected, restored, finally:
from many pieces, peace.

11 Jul 07

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wow. my favourite "Rolling hills crashed against your spirit". beyond poetry.
 — crismonblue

lovely as always
 — WordsAndMe

Thanks crimsonblue and WordsAndMe!
Though you shouldn't flatter me Words, you know it's not always so lovely.

Criticism anybody?
 — vardaman

Bring me a hard copy when you visit and I'll shred for you love :)
 — WordsAndMe

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