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A loss of Splendor

It’s a clever alchemist
of sorts, the heart –
how it superimposes
certain strengths and weaknesses
that make us yearn
for more than ourselves.
How a touch, a glance
defeats us
and makes beauty out of nothing—
the symmetry of flower petals
An infant’s smile
The fading luminance of fireworks.
A first kiss on a summer night
the taste of someone else
Lights undulated in water
Birds chirping Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,  
Spring, second movement
At the awareness of bliss.
This moonshine often blinds us
with all the half-baked proposals
and trifle words we murmur.
We never navigate our course
Until life looms over like an iceberg
and collides, breaks down our ties.
Suddenly, roses are just allergens.
The smiles of children are
just impudent smirks.
Fireworks are painted, killing decimations.
The taste of fruit bitters.
And a kiss is just formality.
Because before there was “us”
It was a “you” and a “me”
And after it all, it’s just a tearful “I”
then the slow realization
that you didn’t give your heart up
It gave you away.

2 Jul 07

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a wonderful story you have here.  i just want to make sure i understand it though.... you mean to say that the heart is giving up the man so as to save itself from being spoiled?
 — bane

The thing I was trying to portray was a sort of bitter irony. Often people say that they give their hearts away to someone. Well I tried to emphasize that sometimes it is the weakness of our hearts that give us away. Sometimes we don't have the control over the figurative organ, it has control over us.
 — Muzatsu

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