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heavy death things

its just a minor thing, we's all just minor pieces of shit lodged between the grass of life, one really heavy brick of life.
When it gets too heavy, you die.
Heavy death, like falling fast, really fast, like eagles going after rat flavored donuts, eagles dressed like cops flying through the air after a stereotype that lives strong on almost genetically through our blue jeans, hand-me-downs, thats all genes are, hand-me-downs, genetic material handed down. Handed. Hand jobs, handed down jobs thrown down a ladder made from the spines of tarantulas found under and beneath Sunday church benches preaching southern salvation through a ignorance of peace and a loving of danger men, danger men armed to the teeth with sharp teeth that protrude through the cheeks, cut and sliced with danger, smells of danger, reeks of danger, a dangerous stereotype of stereotyped indifference to a society built upon the theory that consumerisms basic building block is the teaching of the ethic of collecting things as a heathly, viable hobby.

2 Jul 07

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I think I like this, but it needs to be broken down into verse, and not in pragrapgh form. Thats just me but I think it would help alot, and would open up lots of possiblity for word play.
 — Solstice

I do like this! I think it cuts right to the heart of things.  I especially like L3.1 and L3.2          & nbsp; 

It does take some work to get through it, but is worth the effort.  One thing I'm not sure about is the mixed metaphor for life in L1.
 — skinnyJon

read day dream its a short poem but it good
 — unknown

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