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Walking around blind

I don't know why,
I lost the question
somewhere in
our old house,
Maybe in the attic
we would never go,
or in the kitchen
where we order pizza,
the living room
where we really didn't
do much living,
I must of lost my keys
or changed the locks,
I can't get in
to look for what I lost
if I could remeber what that was,
maybe in the garage
with more trash then car,
thats not our dog
in the backyard
or my car
in the drive,
where did you go?

2 Jul 07

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I like the idea but I think you get lost about halfway through. Also the grammar is poor, L8 should be past tense, maybe put "in" at the end of L6, there are more, I am sure you will spot if you reread this yourself.
 — Solstice

2 to 4 i thought you might really have something
you didnt
 — chuckles

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