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I wasn't given a choice to exist.
I was perfect nothingness.  I was a singularity of peace.
Now I am.
And I'm constantly refilling my ears with sound so I can push it out of my mouth.
And I'm constantly acting on meaningless beliefs.  My opinions are dynamic and changing,
But I'm always right.
Am I?
We are manifest destiny;
a westward-rolling plague.
We are the fulcrum,
offset on a see-saw.
And we are the futility of the human condition.
We will take and be taken from,
until our reprieves are spread thin into veneers.

1 Jul 07

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This poem is so smart! I just can't write anything that doesn't rhyme like this one! I like sigularity of peace! It really sounds amazing!
 — ophelia89

read the poem called bing bing bong it a bit like this
 — unknown

Really?  I find it more difficult to write with a rhyme scheme than in free form, myself.
 — brerrabbit

Gawd! This is an endearing piece. So goofy. Hey. Singularity. Hunt down that recalcitrant "n" plauge or plague? What is plauge? I'm going to kiss you hard and sweet on the lips, you rascal.
 — banditfemme

Yeah, I don't care so much for spelling.  I left an n out of the word singularity, yes.  

You've got quite the eye. :)
 — brerrabbit