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The Therapist

She spoke softy --
from her velvet stand;
As he sat,
quietly listening;  pen in hand
From across the room and ‘round the desk;
her lyrics ran.
they ran of doves and loves
and riches and lore --
speaking faster now then before;
her voice contracting, her tears relieving!
…and all the while his quiet breathing…
…patiently logging, as her lyrics ran…
they ran for men,
they ran for child,
and years of emotion exiled
the least of the angels would sing
so screamed the patient; as her lyrics ran
so fine was the hour,
and the pen dry of ink
she went to her home -- where the lyrics began

1 Jul 07

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OMG! You are way better at finding rhymes than me! That's really amazing! I like rhyming relieving with breathing!
 — ophelia89

wonderful.  i feel like such a hack when i read poems as beautiful as this.
 — skinnyJon

Very relative to me at the moment but you put it beautifully. Is line 1 meant to be softly?
Capitalise L7
I love the end, how true!
 — angrychick