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Leaving The House

Heads turn as I walk by.
Do they know that I'm alone,
or am I just a floating ghost?
Do they know I want to cry
every day I remain alive?
Can they see the fearful screams
hushed to regretful sighs
burst out of my mind
and ride a lonely line
out of my eye?

30 Jun 07

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'Every day' is two words.  'Exploding' into a 'lonely line' is a difficult feat.

Mister Micawber
 — MMicawber

exploding into a lonely line refers to bursting (exploding) into tears. tears being the thing that is riding a lonely line out of my eye
 — chloee

Might want to change Explode to Burst, better visual I think and makes more sense with the second line.
 — Solstice

 — unknown

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