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2 zeros on a trampoline w/a side of Joan of Arc

I'll take my girl
with well-done hashbrowns
wheat toast and a
raspberry jelly smile.
I want her to cream
my coffee
all morning long.
I wish the waitress
would bring me my syrup
so I can dribble it all
over the tops
and insides.
All of this I want and
but I will settle for
a bowl of bliss
and a side of

lieskilllies:  Thanks for your "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval.  I had to write this while the juice was flowing.  Forgive me, but it was just DYING to flow from my fingertips.  I give you all the due credit you deserve for inspiring this.  
Much love... ~the forbster

26 Jun 07

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i have to be honest. personally, i don't like it- but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good piece. i do have to say- your creativity definitely was flowing.
 — lanezfairy

Yeah... especially since stanza one is a blatant rip-off of Robert Smith's line from "Mint Car" (Wild Mood Swings--The Cure).  
I've always been so fond of his:  "vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss"
Sorry you don't dig it.  I will surely revise this if I can get some good feedback on it.  Lately I've been off the radar, so people haven't been reading my shit.
It's a shame... I used to be so clever.  What happened????
Oh well.  Yeah, this is pretty lame.  If you want to dig into the forbster archive, check out some of my old shit, back when I still had the muse.
 — aforbing

Frankly, Miss Forbster, your preoccupation with food truly alarms me. Hungry sex is really much much better than the bloated variety. This poem is too cute for my taste. I like things raw-- confessions of a sashimi~wasabe lover.

 — banditfemme

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