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The slumber hour

I dream upon the midnight slumber
Holding fast to dreary hours
Dreams of faith in god I lost
Dream of life I once held true
Misty hours setting in
Faded light pants the sky
Ghost forming in the heavens
Clouded hours slipping by
Dreary whispers echo loud
Tender kisses wash the pain
Love whispers out its tails
Passion found in dark green eyes
Ten thousand hours in your embraces
The hold of fait I now relate  
I dream upon the midnight wonder
A ghost I found amid the slumber
The hours past between the sand
Washed away buy loving hands
Sealed in time by a misled soul
Held in glass with the dieing rose
Poetic love and faded throw
Upon the shores of Jerusalem
Take the wave of third emotion
Fade the hour of tender slumber
Slipping throw the sands of time
Dream away the life before
Dieing peddles upon the ground
Abound the story miss spelled tails
The fraud, the fair the dream awaken
The darkened walls fade the story
The dewy hour hazed away
Slip away from dreary slumber
Tender love writes the story
Molds the courage once desired
Now the dreams of dewy hours
Cloud the slumber faded flowers

25 Jun 07

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this sucks learn to write a poem or anything at all
 — unknown

i dont think it sucks, per se
it does appear to be riddled with
spelling issues?
 — chuckles