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I was a horse,
naked running loose in the park
throwing my head up at the sky
filled with the full moon sweeping through
clouds cutting the dark open
across the fields in swathes of silver light
burning the dead leaves into white fire.
Sinking my hooves into the soft wet ground,
chilled by the mists of the sidhe hiding
in the speargrass and wild-mint.
Pulled by the brambles to stay longer -
excited by the burdocks in my mane,
caught by the infinity in the marsh flowers
I run into the trees.
And I run wild - touched by the fey -
dancing to the ways of the wind
the silhouette trees tilt back in awe
as the sky shifts over and over,
reeling white storms set against
the race that I run
whipped on by the joy of the free.
The danann scatter as I step into
the dew-pond and thunder through the water
and away over fences - torn by cross-wire
through old hedges - scratches on my flanks,
they cannot catch me as I hammer the ground,
an engine with fire in my belly
I run...
until the dawn,
until the first rose blush in the dawn,
until the light turns white to peach,
until I can run no more.

25 Jun 07

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