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Playstation and beyond

Buttons are smashing
with the sounds of Spyro the Dragon
appearing on screen
making smartass remarks.
The seratonins in their boyish brains
are rising.
Along with their thoughts
of Pokemon the following morning.
The Miller lites
and the vibes of 50 cents are smashing
all through the 2 a.m. night.
With the image of an attention whore
in the pool,
proudly showing off her tender
and them, with their natural instincts
which is to enjoy her graceful sluttiness
all through the 2 a.m. night.
The seratonins in their borderline adolescent
brains are rising.
Along with their thoughts
of a painful hangover and the sweet fragrant
breath of a Denise Pancake the following morning.

25 Jun 07

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i think you will find the " smartass remarks " are Haiku's
 — unknown

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