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The war
is a bore.

24 Jun 07

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i think the title was better then the actual poem lol,....still made me chuckle though
 — crismonblue

come on, a one??? this is profound. 10/10
 — unknown

I love it!  It reminds me of my poem, "Iraq-naphobia."  Same idea.  Very, very funny and clever!  Indeed, profound.  :-)
 — starr

I gave it a "10," just so y'know.  Well worth a high rating for the play on words alone!
 — starr

I know you think you are so special but your poem was written long ago:

A Separate Peace - by John Knowles
"Brinker Hadley could compose his Shortest War Poem Ever Written The War Is a bore if he wanted to, but all of us had to take stronger action than that."

Haven't any of you people ever read a decent classic book? Can't you remember anything?
 — unknown

And then there is the book:

War is a Bore and Other Poems by Edward Vogeler
 — unknown

And that is not to mention the several books written by marines and others which use the words in their titles.

this poem is the ultimate example of cliche'
 — unknown

If you want we could drop you in Anbar province with nothing but a butter knife and an american flag draped around your ass and then you can see what a bore it all really is... truth be told though 90% of the time you'd just be throwing rocks at the side of a tent repeating your tired little parroted mantra over and over in your head while you waited for a mortar to drop in and pink-mist your silly self. A little effort next time, if you please.
 — unknown

touche' fellow unknown!
 — unknown

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