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Professor's house

We arrived at our professor's house
for dinner, red-wine, and drippings of past gossip;
these objects tasted both sensual and cheap.
Shortly after dinner we remembered, together,
fragments of his past by walking circular stairways,
leaving remnants of fresh salmon
and roasted tomatoes lingering behind—
As we ascended the spine of his elegant
California layout, I imagined each floor
as unique segments of his life,
shambled trials
buried within the nobody of emptied rooms,
nightfall’s lit by dragging ash,
and the loneliness of romantic paintings
that suffocate his bedroom wall.
Within closets stuffed by outworn dress-shirts
was that familiar scent,
of his hunger for
anything beyond books and stories
and withering fantasy,
beyond mornings exhausted
by the swell of loneliness.

23 Jun 07

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dear student

you forgot my pornos tucked under the final exams

dr swollen loneliness
 — unknown

very nice, professor unknown.
 — uncjaf