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the smell of rain (ed.)

It is noon for
our first time.
I am gallopping
on a white horse,
naked, the wind
in my long hair.
Lovely glances,
awe. Follow me
to shadows
of leaves, each shape,
each leaf. My heart
is filled with
passionate music.
Look how I gather them
in a basket. Love, love,
you are madness,
you are a soft cloud.
Caress me, gently.

22 Jun 07

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i can't remember the title of...
 — greenmantle

Thanks, greenmantle.
Nice to meet you.
 — maila

 — maila

i really like the last verse very much :)

 — Mongrol

Thanks, Mong, for reading.
Greatly appreciated.
 — maila

i like your poem ; it's lively...
 — greenmantle

i mean : we can feel the movement...
 — greenmantle

Thanks for coming back to this, greenmantle.
Best wishes.
 — maila