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Revelation in the Sex-Shop

(Must be 18 to enter)
displayed the front door
but your old enough so step right in
alternative rock sounds set the mood
so you dance on mens laps?
shake your ass? or do a little more for extra cash?
if so stay up front check out the "fuck me heels"
sexy-clothing 2 sell yourself (but try to hold on to your essence)
tough I know, well maybe if you make enough you'll buy one that's new
dirty men in the back looking at porn they can't afford
staying for hours than exiting shamelessly without making a purchase
others more fortunate in wealth but not in attraction got hundred dollar bills purchasing cheap-sillicone-thrills a little warm lube and a tripple Xflick 2 see the sights hear the sounds
and pretend she's well u know the trick! hehe
big-girl in the back always shy glasses on thinkin maybe this is just the same thing
losing her virginty to cyberskin
others come in for they cum 2 fast
"hey buddy tell me, what can I do 2 make me last?"
In the midst of all this
sits the young split-hearted sex shop clerk
reading a book in his native tongue
tears in his eyes as it reveals he's livin a lie
been on a ride in the sky
for 2 whole months
refused to get off
who would of thought
behind the counter of the sex shop
sittin on a table feet on a chair
readin a book
was young man
searching for his place 2 stand
tears in eyes for nobody like the text
has ever exposed his cowardness
as the light which shines through the window pane
begins to fade
turning daylight to night
he puts the book away
knowing he won't ever be the same.

wrote it real quick at work (intimate obsessions) will clean it up later!

21 Jun 07

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I liked reading this. You have excellent discriptions of people in sex shops (My curiousness led me into one once). I didn't expect an exclamation point at the end, it surpised me. If you want to keep it, I think you should have the reader expect it. It seemed out of place. I think you should work on the repetition of lines concerning the clerk. Either combine it or create a new way to describe him. Overall, I truly liked this. Great job.
 — wanderlusted

I forgot to say, I absolutely love L1.

I had to add that!
 — wanderlusted

L11 then shamefully instead of than shamelessly?
Superfluence of '2's... it doesn't help the piece, use 'to'.
L25 'would have' instead of 'would of'
L31 'likes' rather than 'like'
Little tweaks here and there... great subject... really dig alot of the phrasing (too many to quote). Hope I was helpful.
 — rrichards5