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This is my asshole

21 Jun 07

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It's not your best side, that's for sure.

Come on, write a poem, quit farting around.
 — Isabelle5

The most responses I every got from any of my poems was the one about the mentally challenged guy pulling up his under drawers. Hardly my finest effort.
This type of trash seems to be the only thing on this site that evokes any sort of response from others. Just thought I'd give it another shot before moving on.
Thanks for your many useful but almost exclusive comments. When Starr finally commented on one of my poems he pointed out that I had spelled Viet Cong incorrectly. sheesh. It's King Kong but Viet Cong. I am perhaps too aged for this site.
So it goes.
 — mitchl

You realize that age is not the issue, I hope. Don't go because of this!  I'm going right now to find other poems of yours and see if I can spread the love.
 — Isabelle5

By the way, you might change the name of this to "Pucker!"  hahaha
 — Isabelle5

Mtchl, do not be dismayed by the calibre of reader, only the calibre of your poem.  Never seek the lowest rung of this site only for the reads.  To do so, though tempting, is to make a harlot of your ability.  You don't need to do that.
 — Isabelle5