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A juxtaposition
in the area of showing revealing the
peeling, the
reeling of the screen behind the theater
of drama, exposing the choppy meter of
the dialogue between the actors in
selfish, lonely irregularity, which
is the sight revealing two worlds,
evolving over
time, like two epochs separated at birth,
in where eons and ages fluctuate
between the birth
days, the celebrations, the simple reminders cornering
all figures, pin pointing, revealing it
self as the
day spent alone, when the house split.

21 Jun 07

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listen...i think this is one of your best.
good writing, good rhyme, good breaks.

 — unknown

you left a really nice comment, Sam. you have no idea how much that made my day, my decade. to say it is one of my best suggests you have read others of mine ... and that just adds to my improved mood.

thank you. for favoriting. for everything.

it'll be your turn soon.
 — listen