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cyclic obsesssion

found my truth said
there is no balance, and if
there is, it is unperceivable;
maybe it is immaculate,
and i am not. or maybe i
am just as perfect as it,
but unsatisfied because
of the belief that balance
does not exist without
its conception: perhaps this
is the obscenity and the
arrogance of thought -
this is a splitting image, a
face in the mirror - fucking

21 Jun 07

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stout was right. menh. mostly.
 — varun

what did stout say?

i'm finding the first line
rather odd.
should there be a comma or
maybe change it to
my found truth said
(or would that throw off the meaning?)

good play-on-words in l13
or did you mean
spitting image?
I like your way though.

write me.

 — unknown

reminds me of religion class for some odd reason?....i like very much
 — crismonblue

stout said i write a lot about vision.
hi sam. hope you are well. i will write soon.
try reading it with the invisible i/eye before the found. the first is a weird one, first line, yeah...
spitting would be a real good change... yeah... but it's splitting for this one... yeah... i guess i'll write about a guiness drip and a spitting image now... yeah...
i love you way, baby ;)
write me too. peace.

crimsonblue is an interesting name... very.
thanks for commenting... care to expand?

 — unknown

*raises eyebrows* i like this. especially the ending, and the first two lines.
damn it's hot today. lol sorry, off subject.
 — gem_grrrl

I like this, it seems raw. I read it with intensity. I don't know if that's how you meant to portray it, but that is how I perceived it.
 — wanderlusted

 — varun