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Oh, yeah...I believe

the preacher raised his hand
and asked
who wants to go to heaven
everyone in the congregation
raised their hands
who wants to go now
he queried
and all the hands went down
including his

20 Jun 07

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When i stop laffin i'll...
thanks for the pick me up
 — unknown

sad to say it is a true story.
my coworker told me at lunch today.
she was one of the hand raisers too.
 — unknown

odd little tidbit, this. i didn't laugh until i saw unknown # 1  had laughed and then i did too. kind of like that line in the bob marley song...
 — gem_grrrl

HAHAHAHAHA!   I was in a new believers class once and the teacher asked, "How many of you love Jesus?"  We all raised our hands.  Then he asked, "If a man with a gun came in and said he'd kill anyone who said they loved Jesus, what would you do?"  We all said we'd still say it.

He sobered us all by saying, "I'd be the first one going out the window.  And you'd all follow me.  Be believers but don't be stupid, you're still human."
 — Isabelle5