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Dancing Mailman

Our mailman was a dance teacher at night
and I would watch him sometimes to see if he would
deliver mail differently than the others.
I expected to see him
leap over bushes with his toes
pointing like arrows, but
all he ever did was walk.

19 Jun 07

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This is simple and beautiful. I admire the authentic truth you reveal. Wonderful poem. The best artists often impersonate regular people.
 — banditfemme

thank you banditfemme- i appreciate you reading! this is one of my personal favorites
 — sunshinesgf

refreshing to see a poem on this site that isn't so serious or stupid. it's just a thought with a beat and i love it.
 — unknown

'he' dangles on L6

 — unknown

 — Champ

thanks unk for the comment, and sorry to bore you champ.
 — sunshinesgf

This amuses me since I married my mailman.  His motto was Walk slow, think cool.
He also was a dancing fool, emphasis on the fool part.  haha
 — Isabelle5

isabelle thanks for reading!
 — sunshinesgf

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