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Dorian Gray

Beautiful rows of dramatic sunflowers
subtly line the cold brick wall
clinging with every hope
to their weak pathetic leaves
hoping that someday
someone will notice them,
glance at them,
and comment on their beauty
the sincere brutal color
of yellow that hurts the eyes
and even the heart
the perfectly round sculpted center
which from brown seeds emanate
rain finds home in the leafy green stem
the slithers up the cement  
and when dawn appears
the jealous sun misses the chance
to shine about
the radiant quiet flowers
that make life
kind, gentle
and everything under the sun
worth living for
which is why in the dark of night
under the bracing moon glow
love finds its form
in the prolific wings
of an ugly butterfly

17 Jun 07

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wow. I really like this poem.
beautiful flow, great imagery. you paint a unique picture for the reader.
 — sparrow

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