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cusp of revolution

Love, forsaken
you abandon inescapable
manifestations; sorrow
be gone-
you choose
defense mechanisms
to buffer,
make a tough, durable
you have fought stupidity, ineffectualness,
bad taste.
Explode your myths over me;
tell of your disdain
for middle-of-the-road policies,
run-of-the-mill families-
your hankering after extremes, indulgements
and how they never interfere
with your schemes-
forever, with unrelenting zeal
as you strive to remain honest-
you could spit the unspeakable
to the unapproachable
with your laughter,
a direct barometer of your mental state
(you will always be forgiven),
even when
dishing out your authority
without compromise,
when you fail to give ground
or when you keep me at a distance,
(no room for recrimination).
lure me close
when you need me most-
your make-love,
carnal and ecstatic,
overshadowing your sensitivities
(I know they exist).
I know how you like to be touched,
I know when you need quiet;
in time
I will master the offering.

12 Jun 07

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bask, my dear, bare back to sky
and rest your weary cheek
upon your folded arms that i
may give you what you seek

now float, my love, now let your mind
go wandering out to sea
but leave your tired limbs behind
leave your body for me
 — unknown

u r so sweet,
I always loved your big k.
 — unknown