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anamorphic - an acrostic

anamorphic lenses
never really caught
attention of my mind's eye;
cutting darkness with slivers
razor sharp. and
only when the sun
shone directly in sight
to blind my gaze, did
i notice the wonders of
cracking light.

12 Jun 07

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an acrostic on the seduction of acrostics
between you and Opal,
I may just change my mind.

clever and beautifully designed.
 — banditfemme

Brilliantly done!
 — Isabelle5

nice. new, perhaps, even though acrostics tend to be trite only because they are forced, but this isn't at all. anamorphic, kind of a strong word, diluted by the stunning simplicity of the rest of the words here.

really like the concept.
 — listen

yeah, femme, just having some fun. never wrote one before this. thanks.

thanks isabelle.

thanks listen. thought i might give it a shot. how are you?

have a good day everyone.
 — varun

this forces an interesting image on my mind whilst it rings beautifully in my ear
as ever - great poem
 — stout

cheers. hope yar drinkeen ya beers..
 — varun

drinking beers , he has an intravenous drip full of old speckled hen when he sleeps .
 — unknown

i got a drip of guiness.
that's going to be my new poem. yes.

 — unknown

hello varun.
this is clever.
you are very good
when having fun:)

 — unknown

as ever Varun your sculpting into short form such wonderful imagery and ideas contained and composed lightly with touches of bright lucid flashes to the minds own processes... is quite beautiful.

i do like your work very much... and aspire to the same.

 — Mongrol

hi sam.
i guess, then, i should always try and have fun? menh, i don't have to try...
will write you soon.

hey mongrol.
thanks for saying such good things.
 — varun

i read this again, and i didn't notice the acrostic, which is a good thing, because it means the structure isn't noticed so easily which makes the poem seem a lot more sibilant (but not in the way of the serpent, of course).

just thought i’d say that. it’s rare when something moves across the page like this without being spelled out as the obvious.
 — listen