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It's getting Better All The Time (Sgt. Pepper's 40 years on)

How could we not believe?
Just to be able to inhale air
that seemed to have been
given back for one brief moment
in time; restored.
It was our glorious fable,
even though we knew
it would never last.

10 Jun 07

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different from your others, but of course good.

i don't like suggesting whenever a poem doesn't really need it, but personally i would like to see this title trimmed just slightly, being a nice opening to a poem that i see taking a more vertical shape; is it, that, perhaps the title is too linear while the poem we know can go deeper down into its full potential?

still very poignant, a poem really shouldn't be under the suggestion of being longer, as long as it delivers something, and has that feeling of being over.

i would just like to see a little more, because i know you possess the capability.

that's all. still pretty deep.
 — listen

i was wondering, i hope you have never been under the thought, that when you see a poem has been commented on by at least one person, you think, the comment will be by someone different, other than that annoying listen.

and then, what do you find? another comment by that stalker-thing in the woods of Larry's domain ...

i don't understand why people haven't commented on this one. you deserve more than that.
 — listen

hello larry.

nice poem.

only one nit, 'given back' and 'restored' are too close by i felt... and the comma before 'restored' does not give enough space... perhaps you could consider a semi?
 — varun

I like the idea of inhaling 'given back air' even though I'm not sure if my interpretation is quite right. I also like the change from 'story' which was flogging the internal rhyme a bit , to 'fable' which has more resonance in this context. I might also consider 'although' instead of 'even though' - but style, grace and cohesion enough to grace the album.
 — opal

Hi Listen

My Beatle sickness is an addiction for which there is no known cure.

larry parlaphone lark
 — larrylark

Thanks for the advice my friend.

Larry eager to learn lark
 — larrylark

always a relief to read a beatles poem by larry lark. the real question is: can you name all the people on the album cover? or even half? now that's a poem to write.
 — humblebee

1 Sri Yukteswar Giri (guru)

2 Aleister Crowley (dabbler in sex, drugs and magic)

3 Mae West (actress)

4 Lenny Bruce (comic)

5 Karlheinz Stockhausen (composer)

6 W. C. (William Claude) Fields (comic)

7 Carl Gustav Jung (psychologist)

8 Edgar Allen Poe (writer)

9 Fred Astaire (actor)

10 Richard Merkin (artist)

11 The Varga Girl (by artist Alberto Vargas)

12 Leo Gorcey (actor) *

13 Huntz Hall (actor, with Leo Gorcey, one of the Bowery Boys)

14 Simon Rodia (creator of Watts Towers)

15 Bob Dylan (musician)

16 Aubrey Beardsley (illustrator)

17 Sir Robert Peel

18 Aldus Huxley (writer)

19 Dylan Thomas (poet)

20 Terry Southern (writer)

21 Randy Nauert (surfer/musician)

22 Tony Curtis (actor)

23 Wallace Berman (actor)

24 Tommy Handley (comic)

25 Marilyn Monroe (actress)

26 William Burroughs (writer)

27 Sri Mahavatara Babaji (guru)

28 Stan Laurel (comic)

29 Richard Lindner (artist)

30 Oliver Hardy (comic)

31 Karl Marx (philosopher/socialist)

32 H. G. (Herbert George) Wells (writer)

33 Sri Paramahansa Yagananda (guru)

34 Anonymous (was hairdressers’ dummy)

35 Stuart Sutcliffe (artist/former Beatle)

36 Anonymous (was hairdressers’ dummy

37 Max Miller (comic)

38 The Petty Girl (by artist George Petty)

39 Marlon Brando (actor)

40 Tom Mix (actor)

41 Oscar Wilde (writer)

42 Tyrone Power (actor)

43 Larry Bell (artist)

44 Dr. David Livingston (missionary/explorer)

45 Johnny Weismuller (swimmer/actor)

46 Stephen Crane (writer)

47 Issy Bonn (comic)

48 George Bernard Shaw (writer)

49 H. C. (Horace Clifford) Westermann (sculptor)

50 Albert Stubbins (soccer player

51 Sri Lahiri Mahasaya (guru)

52 Lewis Carroll (writer)

53 T. E. (Thomas Edward) Lawrence (soldier, a/k/a/ Lawrence of Arabia)

54 Sonny Liston (boxer)

55 The Petty Girl (by artist George Petty)

56 Wax model of George Harrison

57 Wax model of John Lennon

58 Shirley Temple (child actress)

59 Wax model of Ringo Starr

60 Wax model of Paul McCartney

61 Albert Einstein (physicist)

62 John Lennon, holding a French horn

63 Ringo Starr, holding a trumpet

64 Paul McCartney, holding a cor anglais

65 George Harrison, holding a flute

66 Bobby Breen (singer)

67 Marlene Dietrich (actress)

68 Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi (Indian leader) #

69 Legionnaire from the Order of the Buffalos

70 Diana Dors (actress)

71 Shirley Temple (child actress)

72 Cloth grandmother-figure by Jann Haworth

73 Cloth figure of Shirley Temple (child actress) by Jann Haworth

74 Mexican candlestick

75 Television set

76 Stone figure of girl

77 Stone figure

78 Statue from John Lennon’s house §

79 Trophy

80 Four-armed Indian doll

81 Drum-skin, designed by Joe Ephgrave

82 Hookah (water tobacco-pipe)

83 Velvet snake

84 Japanese stone figure

85 Stone figure of Snow White

86 Garden gnome

87 Tuba

88 Elvis (rock star reincarnated)

 — unknown

Dear humblebee,

glad to be of service through my darling wife.

Larry serviced rendered lark

PS the poem comes later
 — larrylark

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