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people send postcards

people are gentle, people send postcards
to other people
with distance between the one and two.
people miss each other, people feel love
for each other, people get on boats
for long boat rides
to see other people.
people sit there on two separate sides of the world
and people feel sad for being alone.
people with blue eyes love people
with brown eyes
and people make babies for love.

8 Jun 07

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amazing, but true;
that's what people do.
 — banditfemme

people people people people ...
too many "people".
People also laugh and cry and smile.
people pray and hate.

This is a welcome change from your 'OKComputerisque" style.
 — trochee

Great poem, pelican girl.
 — unknown

hey this is pretty sweet. Theres not too many "people" for me, just right!
 — unknown

what's your purpose, telling how the world is or reshaping it ?
 — greenmantle

its like wishing
 — OKcomputer

nice, but not enough here. It's like a weak cup of tea. Line 4 doesn't seem right.
 — unknown

sounds like david byrne lyrics, which i enjoy.
cities, big country, making flippy floppy, Don't Worry About the Government
 — gnormal