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Lost in the wind, I awaited
your voice calling me home.
I walked hand in hand
with the pulsating ocean currents. Now
I move like a night worker across
the mountains, my song deadening
the dry, parched heart of the savanna.
I live by the rise and fall of the
tequila-flavored sun and the fall of the
innocent. Let me drink the beat
of your soul in the land of the Navajo.
Stretch your hand across the
crystal-watered pavement which threatens
to separate us. Never again shall I
create darkness from light! I can
touch the purple skies! I am as magnificent
as the eagle.

8 Jun 07

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This is filled with pure evil. The devil would be impressed. I'm sad to say however that God wouldn't. He is...oh no...the Devil is behind me...it's because of all the bad poetry I've been reading...I'l ward him off with some good poetry...just a bit as I go to Henry's mainpage. 8/10
 — Henry

 — unknown