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Legitimate James

Legitimate James talks with his
hands, hustles in crowded whispers.
He coaxes his crowd, conjures sugar
cubes from deep pockets-
keeps the eyedropper in his sleeve. He slinks
behind fences, craving darkness, but
the sun sneaks pinstripes into his dreadlocks.
"It's the chemical key," he tells them,
and it fits.
"A getaway in your palm," as pupils swallow
eyeballs, and the verdict is 8-10 with Day-Glo
walls. Sunlight leaks through a hole in the roof,
drips drips into a bucket beneath
rusty ladder rungs. A seated Buddha,
3-D specs, four grams of K on the midnight bus
to Florida.
"The schnozberries taste like schnozberries!"
Spinners lick flower petals and babble
to guitar strings plucked by Jerry himself,
imagining themselves at Kaleidoscope-palooza
puffing reefer, Hell's Angels "keep the peace",
melodies twisting in their senses like a
magic carpet, "This music tastes delicious!"
and Legitimate James agrees.
He flutters about, trading doses for dimes,
pretending to control the weather.
An orchestra of lightning,
to thunderous applause, is thrust from
his fingertips, and the people come alive
with St. Elmo's Fire, a static cling to the
hippie in black.
They skulk like him, they sling like him,
often activated, never compensated-
but darkness can only bury so much-
even a blind man can tell when the sun is shining.
Word on the lot is: he'll get you spun.

3 Jun 07

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my favourites are 8-9 and 30-31. get spun!
 — unknown

haha thanks?
 — humblebee

I think it did find you too. (L:15)
Very interesting indeed.
 — 2CBurt

 — jumpoline

2cburt.. it finds us all, no?
jumpoline thanks for reading pal
 — humblebee

 — unknown

acid trips are for hippies and children
 — unknown

Fascinating and whimsical. It's worth more than a five, but I like the number five. So...5/10
 — Henry

aw henry you were almost nice! thanks
 — humblebee

no he wasn't. henry is a dick who ruins ratings for people with good poems.
 — unknown

Line 27 - lightening (a verb) or lightning (what comes from the clouds)?

Amazing images, creative phrasing, nothing overdone, nothing left to chance.  I feel spun and the strongest thing I take is Advil PM!
 — Isabelle5

isabelle thank you so much for reading.. i appreciate your comments, changed it to lightning. thanks for reading
 — humblebee

quite nicely done, as i usually detest drug induced poetry. aren't we poets crazy enough already?
 — unknown

neal cassady would approve
 — zekejacobi

unknown, i couldn't agree more. zeke i think cassady had better things on his mind, like driving a bus around the country. thanks for reading
 — humblebee

lol unknown, just caught that "acid trips are for hippies and children".. thanks for the comment i guess.
 — humblebee

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