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The Five second stare down

The light turned red.
Suddenly the radio started
to play  Sugar Ray's Every Morning.
And there you are
to my left,
with your Honda Civic,
as you caught me
non chalantly jamming out
to the most corniest
yet catchiest song of the late 90's.
A slight guilt and awkwardness
is express in the subtlities
of my face.

1 Jun 07

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'Sugar Ray's Every Morning' need to be quoted.
L 8 = non chalantly - is one one word
L 12 = subtleties
 — trochee

L 8 = non chalantly - is *one* word

=) trochee
 — unknown

Great little snapshot of modern life. Love that song too. Line 8: nonchalantly is all the one word by the way. Why is five capitalised in the title? Anyway, love this poem (but why does it have to be a Honda Civic?!)
 — unknown

as endearing as a found poem. The mistakes enhanc e the traffic light scribble charm. Written at the wheel. Even the jumbled tenses are sweet.

natural. Don't polish this one up, please. Although you can correct the spelling errors, I suppose.

maybe include the colour of the car?
 — banditfemme

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