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PC Poet Opal

I do so like the lady's voice;
to think,  now just  of Opal;
in her composition, charm;
it's not her English—Opal's
colours in her mineral
bespeak of life, of milk, or white
or of green
made by the blue;  the grey
—dull greys of monoliths
repine in want of opal's charter.
If a stone could only voice
—near as well as she,  this
granite would aspire to sing
Opal poetry.

30 May 07

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 — netskyIam

Yes, Opal's milky fire enchants
but the author of this poem never acknowledged my comment about Mojave. Pity.
 — banditfemme

(I'm confused)
 — netskyIam

Ah, Check your Bernard + Kathleen poem. Mojave is one of my favourite poets. I wanted you to read Iroquois-- well, I still do.
 — banditfemme

"When you do dance, I wish you
A wave over  the sea, that you might ever do
Nothing but that."

 — opal

Netsky - who in this world has a more delicious voice than you?
I swoon.
 — violet

I agree with violet your voice was made for poetry
Quirky poem but brilliantly constructed, i confess i had to listen to the audio before it came together for me
Why the extra carriage returns when the pauses aren't any longer than the others?
 — unknown

This must be a first
10 10 10 10
and on the recent best list before it has moved down from the number one spot on the newest list.

Fantastic Nets - Congratulations!
 — unknown

Dear Netsky

A worthy tribute in this fine poem but then I guess I would say that but it is so true and I endorse everyline.

Larry rubber stamped Lark
 — larrylark

it reads like a note from a stalker in lit class.

i am sorry. it reads kind of uneven, and that audio clip fucking frightened me.
however, if thats what you are going for...brilliant!
the title detracts from your poem. you need to remove 'pc poet'.
sadly, the last four lines are a dreadful kick in the groin. it's a terrible thyme.

i'm sorry.
 — onklcrispy

Oncle, this is reid/netsky.  I'm locked out of my account at the moment, or this would be logged.  Thank you for your genuinely-felt criticism.   The title is only a working title for panel purposes, to ID the poem.  The real title might be "Ode to English poet Opal", or something like that.   And it's old-fashioned, formal odeing in a personal vein as old odes were made to honor some personage. In this case, it was easy to make Opal's ode.  I've known her personality for as long as I've been aboard this place.  She has always been a gem to Poetry Critical, and to me.
I do so admire her character and her poetic intents and I very much like her speaking voice: she is nothing less than total charm in my book.  Larry understands and allows me my harmless ode. But oh! The sentiment!  Yes, you'd think I was a stalker? Well, I guess a minority reaction like yours is entirely within reason.  And it's free verse with only one, distanced end rhyme.  Sublime or slime? That's always the reader's own call.  None are wrong. But I know I was honest to her here.  And that was and is my aim in a poem: honesty.  Thanks all.
 — unknown

LOL the audio clip fucking frightened me too!!!!!
 — unknown

i understand it's an ode.
i didn't say you were a stalker, i said it reads like a 'stalkers note from lit class'
it's good that you were honest. that was nice of you.
 — onklcrispy

Hi again Oncle, this is Reid/netskyIam
Your first critique was just fine and "legal" and fair. It did not offend nor harm at all.We know you are a straight shooter.  I appreciate frank commentary.  I think I'll apply the more-likely permanent title now.
It was "PC Poet Opal".  It will be (for now at least):
Ode to an English poet Opal (no comma, even though there "should" be a comma)
Thank you Oncle.  

 — unknown

I like the poem,

but listening to it being spoken spoiled it for me.
 — Rixes

it is obvious opal does not really like it.
 — unknown

i am not really buying this one though it comes from a good place i think.
 — jumpoline

A tribute poem, how nice....
 — unknown

I do so like
green eggs and ham...
(sorry, just read that to the kids the other night).
I did keep on reading which removed the Seuss thoughts
revealing a sweet little poem
(with a bit of a cheesy ending).
Still, I would be flattered,
I think it's nice,
I like the colours,
charm, milk and charter.
 — jenakajoffer

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