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Secrecy of the Papillotomy

It’s a nightmare in your duodenum
Unseen, unfelt – but waiting
For the perfect moment
To incise through well-merited layers,
longitudinal and circular strata,
layers of our delicious tubes.
It is art – of duodenal measures.
Comparing the electrical activity of smooth muscle cells
To this world
of haves, have-nots, and do-not-remembers
Has been more difficult than falling asleep
without Canadian hostages
to accommodate for ransom
Your ethereal presence has been
an incision into the major duodenal papilla
of seven hundred rabbits in Australia –
beneficial, but only to Australians.

28 May 07

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Only enough time for a quick read and response

I was thinking you could change L7 to
It is art - of measured fingers

and L17 to
beneficial, but only to humans
 — unknown

nice. good title.
 — listen

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