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The sound of awkward silence
in the car
helps her recognize
she is souls away
                                  from him.
Her eyes construing
the color of his shirt,
disembroiled tie
and sleeves folded neatly;
worries her, if she misread
destiny's cue.
The compromise of her feelings
gets provoked
with his office piffles,
impending promotions
and combing the hair
whilst conversations.
And she is compelled
to long for the awkward silence again
and think of the boy
who likened her smile to:
'a contagious yawn,
everyones gaze'
and reassure herself
she will be loved.

A dowry (also known as trousseau) is a gift of money or valuables given by the bride's family to that of the groom to permit their marriage.

28 May 07

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nice. your typical voice but that is a good thing. your signature, really, typicality sounds like this isn't anything new. but this is. nice incorporation of definition at the end.
 — listen

i took too long to comment so it didn't work-
I'll do it again maybe tomorrow, just wanted to say that I really liked this!
I have some suggestions for later,
 — unknown

i really like this.  pulled me in with the very first line - i literally came closer to the screen.
 — 1994

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