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Alcoholic Intercourse

Though every word is a dagger,
I am trying so hard to be harmless.
Saying sorry doesn’t defend my deeds
but can I render my regret regardless?
I see you bleeding on the sharpest of edges,
though I try my best to blunt the blade-
a knife is nothing if not a knife,
like a spade is nothing but a spade.
There is no point in lies disguised,
I lack the strength for further betrayal.
Where once my veins flowed with passionate blood,
I'm drained and weak and pale.
As the last drops of desire drip from me
and the void is consumed by regret.
I know you’re the best girl I nearly got close to,
and the most foolish drunken shag I've had yet

28 May 07

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Might be better to have comma at end of line #3. Lines # 6 & 7 may need a little extra. Line #13 might be better with comma at end. Line 16 should end with comma. Good poem, though.

Correction: Line 16 should end with period. Good poem though.

This does rhyme well, bit it also does something else well...it's sucks. Keep up the good work. 9/10
 — Henry

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