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thanksgiving dinner with my girlfriend's family

uncle from south carolina stood up.
gave an update on the uncle from virginia
with cancer on his spine.
was in a hospital in new york getting a biopsy.
the grandfather in a wheelchair went back to his bedroom.
we went around the table
each saying something positive about the uncle.
then we prayed.
i held my girlfriend's hand
under the table.
she had ovarian cancer.
was receiving treatments at the u of i hospital.
the family didn't know about it.
she didn't want them to worry.
i wrote some poems where she died.
but she didn't.
i left her though.
like all good things
in my life.

27 May 07

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wow, honest, cutthroat. took some guts to say that.
 — unknown

wow...this is very admirable.
 — 1994

...i'm sorry.
 — midare

94, unk, midare,

thanks for reading.

 — unknown

I don't know what to say.
good poem,
an ending, lonely yet
very effective.
 — jenakajoffer


thanks for reading.

 — unknown

the last 2 lines are really sad. a very gd work.
 — miss_minx

Really sharply observed slice of the painful side of life.

Larry lifes a bitch Lark
 — larrylark

'where she died.'  Seems an odd choice of words. More of a story than a poem.
 — unknown

please reconsider 'where she died.' i loved this though.
 — OKcomputer

'i wrote some poems about her death.' perhaps. something.

lead the reader to think she did. that's how the rest gets its kick.
 — OKcomputer

also, maybe stop the poem at line 17.
 — OKcomputer

This is good, but quit writing poetry. It won't save you from the fiery depths of hell. Repent! The end of the world is near. 8/10
 — Henry

incredible incredible incredible. sorry i have nothing constructive to say- just know that this simply blew me away.
 — lanezfairy

Too bad honesty is the best policy, but in poetry it can also be rather boring.
 — unknown