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When Grandma Apple Blossom Visits, We Listen

The old woman surprised me,
shivering on my back step last winter,
whiskers, hysterectomy and all.
She seemed to take no notice of my naked mind
and offered herself inside.
I shuffled through excuses to remove her,
cautious but obsessively curious,
and merely came up with a shrug and a
"Please sit down. Are you hungry?"
She pushed past my labor
and fiddled with the stove herself,
muttering to her own ancestors
about marjoram and mustard seed,
then finished with a pinch of my own soul.
I flinched, but couldn't recall why.
She was righteous in her own way, of course,
and had roses protruding
from the backs of her ears.
She noticed my stares, and chattered
"They teach me knowledge,
the kind you don't normally hear,
understand?" then went about her business
cleaning the pots
and scouring my face for a witness.
My eyes grasped on to every part of her.
The ground pulled hard on the skin of her face,
forming creases and caverns
along her image.
She could never be mistaken for any other,
distinct fragrance and action emanated about her.
That night was a vivid one,
and it tugs on my memory even now
as I recall her empty hands thrust in my face.
"I do not ask, you see?"
She smiled, wide and willing,
then lay herself down at my feet.
"I do not beg, you see?"
Then she sang, shrill and reverberating the world,
and I felt her spirit in my mind,
soft like an early dream.
'I only offer, you see?'
I have never compared another to this moment,
nor have I even cared to attempt the challenge.
The woman left that next day,
in a gathering of stars and apple blossoms
billowing about her ancient head.
I asked her to remain,
and knew my voice was too eager to appease.
But she gave a kind embrace in her place,
granted a kiss on my crown,
and spoke with an easy tongue.
"I love you, young one.
Remember that."
And she was gone.
Like a wilting violet
or a lonely cloud in the sun's divine glory,
she disappeared,
whispering my name over her shoulder
as she danced away
with the vines and the fae.

25 May 07

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awesome poem holla!
 — dustybottoms

I'll be back to bump this one up and when it falls off the board
 — unknown

thank you
 — GreenDreams