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Lift me up

I’ve been waken up and I’m not sure if the world gives an fuck
So let me roll over and tell a tale of sedentary dreams.
Love has my hands tangled in the rope
I’m pulling myself out of, and losing myself in.
No ones considering a second glance
at the pain of crossbows
they steadily dodged
has left blood on us
Your true colours are red with glory like me
trying to make myself known with sparse words and meaningless expressions.
You capture you
this zombie masquerade
no ones worth the time and everyone’s a blur when you’ve got something better waiting
in the life you
and I
haven’t made.

Oh baby, you’ve shown yours and I’ve shown mine
But still you haven’t said this blows your mind
Only the wrung out thoughts you’ve had since you dick sprouted a man whose to foolish
To see what matters is what you don’t have.
I want to be your world, but your eyes narrow in spite of some pain you can’t fight outside of me
and decide to play games
That haven’t any other chips on the board but the ones you’re gambling
By keeping your words swallowed and my presumptions right
I’m just waiting for someone else to carry me on
And give a new definition of me, I can live with until the next…
Cause none of you are giving me all of it.

25 May 07

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