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The Old Man Who Came Home From The Sea.

The old sea dog lies dying,  gate secure against the tide
His boat brought home lies furbished, in case of one more ride.
His locker key is counter paned wrapped up inside his pride
His sailing roots betray him, sheets billow through the  trees,
His mast holds up the washing line, rudder sweeps the leaves
The south sou’ westers of his youth now whisper in the eaves.
The anchor’s long encrusted, sprayed, inlaid with sand,
a map of all his oceans  indentured on his hands.
The siren call  seems fainter as dusk falls on distant lands.
He barely sees majestic waves, damp marmalade and toast,
his bedspread sewn with  cockle shells, that have travelled from the coast.
A mermaid soothes his weathered brow, the niece of Neptune’s ghost
Storms crash into lamp posts on nearby avenues,
The paper boys wear wellies while delivering the  news.
Seagull’s screech  from roof tops in a sharp exchange of views.
The old man’s sea side instincts rose up against the flow.
his boat set off with him inside, through a  funneling undertow
and sail out far and further wide, to die where salt winds blow   .

25 May 07

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A remarkably evocative poem, with wonderful use of imagery.

I just wonder if L14 would read slightly better if it was 'The paper boys wear wellies while delivering the news'...

Excellent stuff!
 — Macbear73

Thanks Macbear

A great suggestion.

Larry sailor Lark
 — unknown

man, your capitals are all over the place...

the old man and the sea, lovely book.

i read 'his boat set off inside him' instead.

this is a wonderful poem, mr. lark. thank you for posting.
the rhyming carried me through it so well.
 — varun

Hi Varun

I appreciate your time and trouble

Larry disturbed clock watcher lark
 — larrylark

very good poem. though it might be nice to see this in blank verse instead? it really doesn't need it, but i think it would be cool to see this information in a different form. if you rewrite with blank verse you don't even have to replace this one; i just mean for my own personal enjoyment, if you would be willing to comply with my request. which you don't have to. this is a great poem any way you look at it, definitely doesn't need any attention. (except that from the audience.)
 — listen

yearning beautifully described
 — stout

Dear Listen

You have made my mind go blank. Its hard enough to write poems in the first place but to re write them is almost impossible for me.

Larry empty headed Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Stout

stop pretending to like doggerel. I only write pointlessly to fill in pointless time till I am gone.

Larry cradle and grave.
 — larrylark

bugger you caught me out. no point in trying to humor The Lark.
 — stout

Hi Stout

Both you and I know that this is not yearning beautifully described.

Larry aware of his limitations lark
 — larrylark

no but it describes yearning beautifully
 — stout

Dear Stout
I love you and your making me laff. Thanks for the threads, all I need to do now is take up sewing classes.

Larry pins width Lark
 — larrylark

You're a weird cat larry lark. I dig your poetry though. Pardon my ignorance but what on earth is a 'wellie'?
 — rrichards5

Hi rrichard,

a wellie is a waterproofed piece of footwear for walking through rainy puddles. We English love our wellies more than we love Supermarkets and God.

Larry suited and booted Laek
 — larrylark