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The Lying Eyes part 1

This is the first of a trilogy. Here, our hero realises betrayal by the ones closest to him.
While waiting for the next 2 parts, do visit my other poems.

Gather 'round my children
and listen to a tale once lost
of a man who knew deception
until his mind it cost.
Awakening one morning,
though not so he thought,
began the visions of liars
in the people that he sought.
Their faces would crack open
and did manifest were words-
the songs their minds were bleeding
said things he thought absurd.
'Surely, this is just a dream.'
He couldn't be more wrong
'If my friends were evil,
I'd known it all along.
I've known them all for ages.
They wouldn't lie to me.'
But their eyes would sink him
into perplexity.
He thought of forgiving them
or regard them with disdain.
But this much mutual hatred
would drive anyone insane.
He cut them from his presence
and hid himself away,
never to be seen again
until a fated day.
Till then he stayed in shadow,
in his sanctum, out of sight.
He spasmed in his anger.
He winced away from light.
Till then he dreamed of vengeance,
violence, death and such.
Talked and walked around, dreaming
but never sleeping much.

25 May 07

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Some of the rhymes seem a little forced, almost to the extent of obscuring the meaning...and the tense seems to wander from present to past occasionally.
Otherwise...I like it!
 — Macbear73

Corrections made. Thanks!
 — jyce