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marvelings of masturbation (repost)

she was tripping traces
in her field of fancy,
prancing pretty
and hoofing high
because baby it's better
when, in minds' meanderings,
you can cheat the chalk
and silk the sigh
or maybe it's the marvel
of self-stimulation,
knowing this night
the freedom to fly
from pretense and pretext
of "yes" and yawn
to pleasant pleasure
of me, mine, and my

24 May 07

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Slip sliding away...you selfish bastard.
 — unknown

hahaha...erm...thank you.
 — unknown

pink and slippery.
delicious poem.
However, I don't understand what "cheat the chalk" means. Your poem does some fancy leg-work.
 — banditfemme

cheat the chalk - stepping outside the boundaries (in this case, only fantasizing about it).
thanks bf:)
 — unknown

have a 10
 — unknown

thanks buddy.
that one felt so good, can i have another?
 — unknown

And now I'll have a cigarette
 — unknown

shall we share that smoke?
 — unknown

I'd like to get in on that smoke...
what a poem.
 — jenakajoffer

Gotta light?  EXCELLENT poem.  I like the unusual lyrics.   :-)  
 — starr

hey jen...smoke rings to you:)
starr - thanks buddy.
 — unknown