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Born in the shadows
the small boy looks at the sun
and, frightened by the light,
retreats into darkness
In the darkness
the young man forgets about the sun
and, closing his heart to the light,
lets in the blackness
In the blackness
faith dies, along with dreams of the sun
and, despairing of ever seeing the light,
prepares for eternal night
In the night
hope stirs and sees a tiny gleam in the distance
enchanted by the light
advances into the shadows
In the shadows
a beautiful woman is born, vibrant and complete,
no longer frightened
she steps into the sunshine

24 May 07

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Interesting imagery!
 — unknown

I'm sure this must be about something....but what?
 — unknown

Would it help if I told you what, or who, it was about?
 — Macbear73

I like the link from the last line of each stanza to the first line of the next
 — unknown

 — unknown