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Help for a Friend

You try to fight the warrior from within,
or maybe not, you might just embrace it.
The warrior tries to control you,
or you might let it control you.
But the only one that can control you is you.
You are extremely tough for a twelve year old
and I can relate to how you feel.
My father told me I was a piece of shit
and that I hurt him a lot.
But what I think he realizes now is that he hurt me too.
I got so caught up in myself that I nearly lost myself to drugs and alcohol at fifteen years old.
You may say oh I can take care of myself
and not listen to what I am trying to say,
but you gotta stop your violence,
because I don’t like where it is going.
If you want I will teach you
how to control the anger and when
to let it out in the appropriate time.
You are a girl just promise me
you won’t grow up to quick,
stay with your Magna and Anime's
but make sure not to listen to what any asshole says.
They are just trying to break you down farther
and they will break you down enough that you can lose yourself.
I heard about your dog, your father, and your brothers
and I know exactly how it feels to lose a dog, a father and a brother.
But what I lost and regained back again via knocking on the devil’s door and dragging him out of hell was myself.
It’ll be over my dead body if you go the path that I went and I can teach you how to stir away from the darkness.
That is if you want to.
You are a really sweet girl and I will always be here for you.
Someday Allysha you will get your family back
look at me I got my father back and through him I have met you
and though I have met you only twice
I am writing you this from the eyes of a boy that turned into a man
at twelve years old and I will be here to help you through anything at all.

Poem that isn't really a poem for a special friend of mine

23 May 07

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