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The Spark is Out.

Teasing and twisting
You spin and use.
Taking my last cigarette with a smile
A wink that slices and slashes open
The scars that you made not so long ago.
They just healed by the way.
Teasing and tearing
You wink and nudge.
But, your secret is out,
Don’t be so gentle when you brush my hand.
It happened, again. You know,
How the room falls away
And all I hear is your eyes.
They say it all, even though you hide it so well.
I can feel you sharpened your scalpel.
It doesn’t tear as roughly as before
But cuts savagely, viciously, and steadily.
You like knowing that, don’t you?

23 May 07

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i like line 10 very much.
 — unknown

Stay away from that person as he may be the last one you'll ever see

Larry dancing with knives lark
 — larrylark