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I’d like to fill my apartment with water
and go swimming. For no reason at all,
just to see what would float.  I bet
there would be a big mess, considering
all the tapestries which have never been washed.
I could part the color-drenched water
the way I have never parted the leaves
of a Weeping Willow. I found a hidden cove
once, behind a waterfall. Just big enough
for two people to fit.
Nevermind. I don’t want to fill my apartment
with water and go swimming. I want to go
on a hunger strike and have a bed-in.
Just to see who would come over and visit.
I’d probably have to go to the grocery store
first, you cant have company without snacks.  
I’d have to clean, too. I could be so hospitable
that everyone would climb into bed for the cause.
I think the cause should be something about whales,
people love whales.
Actually, I don’t want to go on a hunger strike
or have a bed-in. I really want to rip up the carpet
and plant grass, with some well places trees. I
might need to call in a landscape architect. When
I need to water the floor I’d set a small fire
and let the sprinklers go off. I’d make sure no one knew
we had sprinklers. Then I could invite them over,
light a fire and get them to do a rain dance with me,
and magically it would rain!
I think I’d really love a carpet of grass.

23 May 07

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velvet mmmmmm
 — zekejacobi

LOL hilarious
 — unknown

hahaha!  You need a tent, go live out in Nature until you get it out of your system or maybe you could make grass angels, like snow angels but without snow.

This is a very fun poem.  
 — Isabelle5