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Medicated Heaven

It takes more than an instance
to lose it all, again
Take these pills
pills that won't let me feel
little circles of godly power
I ingest halos daily
I died that night
like so many have before
I died today, unbeknownst to the world
like so many will tomorrow
Liquid happiness
in bottles of hopelessness
chemicals mingle in my stomach
children playing red rover
no flash before my eyes
just darkness
the ever growing ever infinite
I ingest these angels
they may free me one day
until then, I take another
and wait to live

20 May 07

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i was attracted to this because of your title. i love this piece....and i'm not using the word 'love' loosely. i adore the emotions that you convey and how you convey them. if you decide to revise this i suggest looking over your puncuation (like trying to add more punctation to the end of your phrases), although your piece is impeccable without any revisions. nicely done. rock on.
 — lanezfairy

thanks for the comment and suggestion ill take into consideration. been a long time since i was last on here
 — activism87

comment bump
 — activism87

Line 1- instant you mean?

Line 7- which night? maybe you could say last night, or tonight.

Love line 14! very good image, it works.

the only other thing i might suggest is punctuation- but that's entirely up to you.
 — sunshinesgf